Sex Crimes

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Massachusetts, particularly crimes such as Indecent Assault & Battery or Rape, the consequences you may face could be devastating. The severe criminal penalties involved in a sex crime conviction not only include the possibility of imprisonment, Sex Offender Registration and Civil Commitment as a Sexually Dangerous Person, but also damage to your reputation, family, and in many cases, your livelihood.

Any person charged with a sex crime in Massachusetts should carefully evaluate the allegations and any defenses he may have to contest the charges. Typical defenses in sex crimes charges include: identification (it wasn't me); consent; alibi; or that it just simply didn't happen.

Believe it or not, the large majority of sex crimes charges that proceed to trial are those circumstances where the person and the purported victim know one another. For example, a rape case where the child alleges he/she was raped by a family member or person close to the family; or where the purported victim was compelled by force to submit to sexual acts by someone known to them or an acquaintance. Despite the prevalence of hearing 'date rape', 'stranger rape' and 'sexual stalker' cases in the media, these cases are far fewer than others.  Additionally, statistically, 'date rape' or 'stranger rape' cases are far more difficult to prosecute.

But even other sex crimes other than rape or assault-type sexual offenses can trigger severe penalties, including committed as a 'sexually dangerous person'. For example, a person with a history of convictions of only non-contact sex crimes, such as dissemination of material harmful to a minor, indecent exposure, deriving support from a prostitute, may also have to register as a sex offender and/or be committed as a sexually dangerous person.

Given the extremely serious consequences, you should immediately consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer if you come under investigation or are charged with a sex crime. Not all criminal lawyers have the experience in defending sex crimes, and you shouldn't put your freedom in the hands of an attorney who doesn't know how to protect your rights. With years of experience in defending Sex Crimes, Contact Us Online or call 617-325-9500.

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