Receiving Stolen Property

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266, Section 60, provides that whoever buys, receives or aids in the concealment of stolen property, knowing it to have been stolen. 

The punishment upon conviction for the crime of Receiving Stolen Property is imprisonment in Jail or House of Corrections for up to 2.5 years for a first offense; or for up to 5 years in State Prison for a second or subsequent offense, or if the value of the stolen property exceeds $250.

Under Massachusetts law, in order to prove the crime of Receiving Stolen Property, the prosecutor must prove:
  1. That the property in question was stolen;
  2. That the defendant knew that the property had been stolen; and
  3. That the defendant knowingly had the stolen property in his possession, bought the stolen property, or aided in concealing the stolen property.
In order to prove that the property in question was stolen, the prosecutor is required to prove that someone had taken and carried it away without right and without the consent of the owner, while intending to deprive the owner of that that property permanently.  The prosecutor is not required, however, to prove who, specifically, stole the property.

Whether the defendant knew or believed that the property was stolen is a question of the defendant's actual knowledge or belief at the time.  In other words, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant actually knew that the property was stolen, or at least believed it was stolen.  Under Massachusetts criminal law, a person 'receives' property by knowingly taking custody or control of it.

If you have been charged with the crime of Receiving Stolen Property in Massachusetts, or any other Theft Crime, you should immediately consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to properly defense your rights.

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