Mayhem is a crime that punishes the act of maliciously maiming or disfiguring another person. 

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265, Section 14 punishes the crime of Mayhem with imprisonment in the House of Corrections for up to 2.5 years, or commitment to state prison for up to 20 years.

In order for the crime of Mayhem to be proven, the prosecutor has the burden of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt:
  1. That the defendant acted with a malicious intent to maim or disfigure; and
  2. That the defendant cut, destroyed, or disabled a limb or member of another person.
For purposes of the criminal offense of Mayhem, the word "maim" has no technical meaning and is to be construed by the jury in its plain, ordinary sense.  "Maim" is defined under Massachusetts law as meaning to disable, wound or cause bodily hurt or disfigurement to the body, and the prosecutor must prove that the defendant had a reasonable appreciation that a disabling or disfiguring injury would result from his acts, and that he intended to cause that result.

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