Gun Crimes

Massachusetts' Gun Laws are extremely strict, and convictions for most gun or firearms related crimes impose mandatory jail or prison sentences. For this reason, you should consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable of and experienced with Massachusetts gun laws, their criminal consequences, and especially, how to defend them.

Gun charges can arise in a variety of contexts.  Although gun charges typically arise from their use in crimes such as Armed Robbery or Murder by persons who possess them illegally, gun charges can also be brought against those who already have a License to Carry a Firearm.  For example, citizens who have a gun license and who lawfully own firearms are required keep their guns and ammunition stored properly and safely.  Otherwise, they too can also be charged with various gun crimes.

Gun / Firearms Crimes in Massachusetts Include:

The penalties you might face for certain gun crimes, in addition to any minimum-mandatory sentences, will depend on a number a factors, including the specific firearms crime charged, whether the gun was used in the commission of a crime, and your criminal history. If you have previously been charged with a gun crime, you may also face enhanced penalties as an Armed Career Criminal or under the Massachusetts Habitual Offender Statute.

Even if you have a gun license, whether a Class A or Class B Firearms License, you may still be prosecuted if you fail to properly store your gun or ammunition. In this context, individuals licensed to carry firearms may be prosecuted if they are stopped for a minor traffic violation and it is discovered that the gun or ammunition is not being properly stored or transported. Another example might be if the Fire Department responds to your home and finds that your gun or ammunition is not in a locked container or equipped with the proper locking device. You may even be criminally charged if you fail to conceal your firearm from the public when you are carrying it.

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