Felony Murder

Murder committed in the commission or attempted commission of a felony punishable by a maximum sentence for life (e.g., Kidnapping, Armed Robbery, Rape) is murder in the first degree.  This principle of law, known as the "Felony-Murder Rule" requires the prosecutor to prove:
  1. That the defendant committed or attempted to commit a felony with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment;
  2. That a killing occurred during the commission or attempted commission of that felony; and
  3. That the felony was inherently dangerous or that the defendant acted with a conscious disregard for human life.
For the crime of Felony-Murder, the prosecutor must prove that the killing occurred in connection with the felony and at substantially the same time and place.  A killing may also be deemed to be connected with the felony if the killing occurred as part of the defendant's effort to escape responsibility for that felony.

Whether the defendant acted with a conscious disregard for human life the felony must have occurred in a way known by the defendant to be dangerous to life or likely to cause death.

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