Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes are prosecuted vigorously in the Massachusetts courts. Police, prosecutors and most judges take a hard-line stance when it comes to violation of the drug laws. Drug arrests can lead to a variety of criminal charges against you depending on the quantity and weight of the illegal substances, as well as the circumstances of the police investigation. 

Common Massachusetts Drug Crimes Include:

In many cases, the circumstances leading to a drug arrest often involve questionable Searches & Seizures by the police or law enforcement. In these instances, it is critical that you have a drug crimes lawyer defending you who knows how to challenge the evidence against you and protect your Constitutional Rights. For example, if the police engaged in an unlawful stop of you, whether while you were driving or on the street; pat-frisked you for no justified reason and found drugs; or that Search Warrant was not based on probable cause, you should challenge the seizure of the contraband. Successful challenges of the evidence yielded from an unlawful search may not only lead to the illegal drugs being suppressed, but your case being dismissed as well.

As an experienced Boston Drug Crimes Lawyer, Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis knows how to protect your Constitutional Rights and challenge any violations of your rights towards getting the evidence excluded or 'suppressed'. He has successfully defended clients and has gotten cases thrown out for unlawful searches and seizures; and even obtained acquittals at trial for various drug offenses. In other instances, Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis has also managed to obtain very generous pre-trial dispositions involving reduced charges to probation and even no jail time for the client.

Drug charges not only have the potential for imprisonment if you are convicted, but they may also result in other collateral consequences, such as the suspension of your Driver's License or the imposition of harsh terms of probation if the case were resolve by plea. Additionally typical conditions of Probation for drug offenses include regular reporting to a Probation Officer and random drug testing and/or counseling. If you are on probation for a drug crime and are then alleged to have violated the conditions of your probation, you may further face a revocation of your probation and potential commitment to jail or state prison.

Additionally, a conviction for Drug Crimes can also lead to Forfeiture Proceedings of not only the drugs and money in your possession at the time of your arrest, but the prosecutor can also seek Forfeiture of any money or property that was used to facilitate or procure the sale of narcotics.

For this reason, it is important for you to have a Boston Drug Crimes Lawyer who knows the law and who is best able to protect and defend your rights.

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