Domestic Violence

Massachusetts Domestic Violence Crimes can arise in a variety of forms, often resulting from alleged criminal acts committed against a spouse or someone you have a relationship with. Charges involving domestic violence can also include those criminal acts of violence committed against a former spouse, someone you had a dating relationship with, or a member of your family, including your child. 

Criminal charges involving domestic violence can include various criminal offenses, including Rape, Criminal Harassment, Assault, or Assault & Battery. Domestic abuse charges may also lead to the abused person in seeking a Restraining Order, which could also result in your being ordered to vacate your own home and/or prevent you from seeing and contacting your own children.

The consequences of a being charged with domestic violence could be severe depending on the charges. Not only might you face potential jail time, but you could also face collateral consequences that could impact your right to visitation or custody with your children or even impact your employment, and even deportation if you are not a U.S. citizen.

Examples of typical Domestic Violence Charges include:

In many cases involving domestic abuse or violence, the police officer responding investigating the report of abuse will likely want to speak with you regarding the allegations. Remember, the officer will be investigating the report of a crime and his purpose in speaking with you is for furthering the criminal investigation and collecting evidence against you. Any statements you might make could therefore be used against you if you are criminally charged and prosecuted. For this reason, it is important that you recognize that you have a right to remain silent and you should not speak with the police. Rather, you should immediately consult with an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney who will explain and protect your rights.

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