Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws

The crime of Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws essentially criminalizes any unlawful agreement between persons to engage in a drug transaction or some acts that would constitute a violation of Massachusetts' drug laws.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C, Section 40 provides that the punishment for the crime of Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws is imprisonment for up to the maximum sentence provided for the commission of the offense which was the subject of the conspiracy.  A conviction for Conspiracy statutorily requires the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend the person's license.

In order the prove the crime of Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws, the prosecutor is not required to prove an overt act that might have completed the conspiracy.  The prosecutor is only required to prove, however, that the defendant, along with another person, combined with the intention to commit a violation of the drug laws.

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