Commonwealth v. M.D., Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court - #2

While the Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine case above was pending, the same defendant was again arrested by the same Boston Police Officers for additional Drug Crimes.

Once again, Boston Police Detectives were conducting undercover drug surveillance in Dorchester, and were specifically targeting this same defendant.  He was again arrested for Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class A Substance, Heroin; as well as for Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class D Substance, Marijuana, after observing him to 'interact' with two other individuals.  The Boston Police Detectives approached and searched the Defendant, recovered the drugs, and arrested him.

Prior to the case going to trial, Attorney Travayiakis challenged the lawfulness of the defendant's Search, Seizure & Arrest based on the Detective's observations.  A Motion to Suppress was litigated, and after a hearing, the Judge agreed that the Detectives actions in seizing and arresting him were not supported by the necessary Constitutional standards.

As a result, all Drug Charges were DISMISSED.

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