Commonwealth v. M.D., Dorchester Division of the Boston Municipal Court - #1

Undercover Boston Police Officers conducting drug surveillance allegedly observed the defendant engage in a Drug Crime in Dorchester, Massachusetts. 

After observing money allegedly being exchanged with the purported drug buyer, Boston Police Detectives approached the defendant who immediately ran away.  After a short chase, the defendant was apprehended and a scuffle ensued with one of the arrested detectives.  Once under arrest, several bags of marijuana, as well as 27 individually wrapped bags of crack cocaine, were seized from the defendants pockets.

The defendant was ultimately charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B Substance, Cocaine, Drug Distribution Near School Zone Violation; Resisting Arrest, and because of the scuffle with the detective, he was also charged with Assault & Battery on a Police Officer.  Although the defendant did not contest to mere possession of the drugs that were found in his pocket, he took the case to trial and argued that he did not distribute any drugs. 

Prior to trial, Attorney Travayiakis litigated a Motion to Suppress challenging the lawfulness of the defendant's seizure of his person and the recovery of drugs.  Although the Motion to Suppress was denied, the hearing provided additional evidence to assist the defense at trial.  Additionally, the Drug School Zone charge was dismissed at the request of the prosecutor; and the Assault & Battery on a Police Officer charge was dismissed by the Judge after Attorney Travayiakis successfully argued a Motion to Dismiss.

After trial, the Defendant was found NOT GUILTY of Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B Substance, and was only convicted, as expected, of the lesser included offense of straight Possession of a Class B Substance and Resisting Arrest.

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