Commonwealth v. J.G., Boston Municipal Court

Boston Police Officers on 'routine patrol' in Dorchester observed and recognized the driver of a passing car as someone they had arrested in the past and who was recently released from jail for certain Gun Crimes.  The Boston Police Officers attempted to stop the car for a questionable "motor vehicle violation", but the driver refused.  A high speed chase ensued and the driver ultimately crashed the car into a tree.  My client, the defendant, was a passenger in that car.

After the car crashed, both the defendant and the driver ran from the car, through several yards, and were ultimately surrounded by several Boston Police Officers.  Although the defendant attempted to 'give up' and submitted to the officers' commands, the defendant was physically assaulted by one of the Boston Police Officers.  The Boston Police Officer admitted in striking the defendant several times, but that he did so in self-defense. 

Later, when other Boston Police Officers retraced the defendants' 'escape route', they found a loaded gun along the path that both men took in fleeing from the car.

The Defendant was charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm; Unlawful Possession of Ammunition; Possession of a Loaded Firearm; Resisting Arrest; and Assault & Battery on a Police Officer.

Prior to trial, the defense team had discovered that this particular Boston Police Officer had been the subject of multiple investigations by the Boston Police Internal Affairs Division.  These internal investigations focused on alleged violations of conduct and use of excessive force. 

Relying on this information to impeach the officer's credibility at trial, the Defendant was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

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