Commonwealth v. G.U., Suffolk Superior Court

Client/defendant was charged with several Gun Crimes, including Unlawful Possession of a Firearm; Possession of Ammunition; and Possession of a Loaded Firearm.  Because of his having been previously convicted of prior gun crime, the defendant was facing a minimum of 5-7 years in state prison after trial.

After a car stop, the Boston Police Police alleged that the defendant, a passenger in the car, jumped out, discarded 2 guns, and ran away.  The Boston Police Officers gave chase but were unable to catch him - he got away.  Meanwhile, the car had driven off in the opposite direction, but officers were able to immediately broadcast its description and license plate number.  Within minutes, the car was stopped by other Boston Police Officers, and the defendant, who was the one alleged to have gotten out of the car and who ran away, was miraculously back in the car.

The first trial resulted in a hung jury, but Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis led a meticulous counter-attack on the state's key witness at the second trial by impeaching the testimony of the key Boston Police Officer and challenged his Identification testimony.  The cross-examination of the police officer was so damaging to the prosecutor's case, even the Judge himself literally instructed the jury in the middle of trial that they were to "disregard his testimony" because he was "totally unreliable."

The defendant was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

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