Commonwealth v. A.D., Suffolk Superior Court

The defendant, along with two other teenagers, were charged with robbing and beating two individuals in the South End at gunpoint.  After the robbery, the defendant and one other were stopped in a car, while the third suspect was found hiding in some bushes a block away, and in his possession was a gun and the victim's property.

The co-defendant that was arrested in the car along with my client pled Guilty prior to trial and was sentenced to almost two (2) years in the House of Corrections.  The other co-defendant also pled Guilty, and he was sentenced to the Department of Youth Services until his 18th birthday.

For his role, the defendant was charges with Armed Robbery, two counts of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, and Assault & Battery.  Because of the prosecutor's unwillingness to reduce the Armed Robbery charge, the best 'deal' the prosecutor offered prior to trial was five (5) years' in state prison.  The defendant declined the 'offer' and proceeded to trial...

At trial, despite the victim pointing and purportedly identifying the defendant in court, Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis raised the defense of Mistaken Identification, raised inconsistencies in the government's case, and was ultimately found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

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