Case Results of Massachusetts Criminal Trials

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis takes tremendous pride that his clients choose him to represent them against their criminal charges. His clients know that one of the most important attributes any criminal lawyer could have is developing a theory of defense; disputing or minimizing the government's evidence, and ultimately not being afraid and having the confidence to take a case to trial.

It is not easy to convince a Jury of 'reasonable doubt' when, under some circumstances, there is no question of guilt - but in several criminal trials, Attorney Travayiakis has managed to do just that time and time again. Through diligent case preparation, investigation and pre-trial motions practice, the odds of acquittal can be and often are exponentially increased even in those cases that initially, might appear hopeless.

Although Attorney Travayiakis has a stellar record of obtaining acquittals after trial, he also has a tremendous reputation for obtaining extremely favorable dispositions short of trial on behalf of his clients. For a number of reasons, clients may elect not to proceed to trial. The evidence might be overwhelming or the client may elect the 'safe' disposition. In those circumstances, Attorney Travayiakis has negotiated dispositions that have resulted in minimal exposure to incarceration and in many cases, no incarceration at all.

Below are highlighted cases in which Attorney Travayiakis has obtained extremely favorable results and/or acquittals on behalf of clients in even the most difficult cases.

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