Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis has several years' experience in defending persons arrested and charged with misdemeanor or felony crimes in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. 

For his courtroom successes, Attorney Travayiakis was recognized by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly in 2010 and was highlighted in its Excellence in the Law Edition as one of Top 20 Up & Coming Lawyers and a "Rising Star."

If you are being investigated or have already been charged with a crime in Massachusetts, you deserve the best criminal representation and someone to defend you who is an experienced, powerful, and aggressive courtroom advocate – someone who is not afraid to fight for your rights and won’t back down to the prosecutors or judges. Boston Criminal Lawyer Lefteris K. Travayiakis understands that your liberty and freedom is paramount. His track record of obtaining reduced charges, dismissals and acquittals in jury trials as a criminal defense lawyer and his ability to prevail on cases that may not appear ‘trial-worthy’ speaks for itself as clear evidence of his successes in the courtroom and persuasiveness before a Jury. See Case Results.

With Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis on your criminal defense team, not only will you have a strong voice defending your criminal charges in court, but every step of the process will be thoroughly explained to you. Attorney Travayiakis understands that the lawyer and client need to work together as a team, sharing each others insight and knowledge of your criminal case in order to give you the best chance to win and protect your freedom.

As an experienced Boston Criminal Lawyer, Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis has dedicated his law practice to representing those charged with a criminal offense. He has extensive experience in handling cases involving simple Motor Vehicle Offenses, Restraining Orders and Public Order Offenses (Prostitution, Disorderly Conduct), to more serious crimes such as DUI/OUI, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Crimes, Drug Crimes (including Possession, Distribution and Trafficking), Theft Crimes (such as Larceny and Armed Robbery); Gun/Weapons Crimes; Sex Offense Cases (Indecent Assault & Battery; Rape) and even Crimes of Violence (Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon; Kidnapping and Murder).

Attorney Lefteris K. Travayiakis also has experience defending those fighting against and vacating Restraining Orders and Probation Violations. He can also assist you in Post-Conviction Matters such as Motions for New Trial; Withdrawal of Guilty Pleas, and Criminal Appeals. Even though you may have decided to plea guilty or were found guilty after Trial in your criminal case, you do have options, particularly where you feel there might have been a mistake or erroneous ruling during your case, whether at a preliminary Motion to Suppress, Motion to Dismiss or during your Trial.

At the Law Offices of Lefteris K. Travayiakis, P.C., not only will you be represented by an experienced and aggressive Boston Criminal Lawyer, but you will have access to highly trained experts for your criminal case at your disposal. Attorney Travayiakis works with a team of investigators, mental health and forensics experts (DNA, Fingerprint, Blood Spatter, etc.) to ensure that your case is prepared, witnesses are interviewed, and so that you truly have the best defense for your criminal case.

Take advantage of Attorney Travayiakis’ Free Consultation so that you understand what your options and legal rights are. If you, a family member or friend has been arrested, been charged with a criminal offense, or are just being questioned relative to a criminal matter, contact his office to speak with him directly regarding your case. At the Law Offices of Lefteris K. Travayiakis, P.C., your case will be handled directly by Attorney Travayiakis himself, and not be delegated to some other junior lawyer as is the case in other firms.

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